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For over 10 years I’ve been playing around with Goldwave, in fact, it was my very first exierence in editing digital audio and in the time that I’ve used it, I’ve taught myself all sorts of tricks and methods for doing all aspects of audio work. I’ve decided to share some of these tricks with the community in hopes that someone else will teach themselves.

Most of the information from here comes from within my own head, writing tutorials as I sit and do things so I can capture as much step-by-step information as possible. I will also be pulling questions and suggestions gathered from the Goldwave Forum and posting them here, hopefully making this a one-stop resource for information.

The tutorials make the assumption you’ve already somewhat familiaizaried yourself with Goldwave and now wonder how you can make all these functions fit together perfectly. While I will give SOME background info, this is by no means intended to be a manual replacement.


Seamless Loops and Splicing Audio

Center Channel Isolation/Extraction

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