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more tutorials to come…research is hell

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well, the general word from the community is my first tutorial was well written, even i have to admit that after i finished assembling everything and looking at the published page; I was somewhat impressed i was able to create something like that.

needless to say, i’ll be working on more tutorials in the future. i already have one written up on the commonly discussed topic of “middle channel extraction”, which is removing all the audio that is mixed to dead center (and is also in phase), however my twist will show you how to retain the original stereo image, along with how you can extract just the center channel and discard all the stereo bits. it’s not that hard to do and really is the work of two plugins, however, the topic comes up, people want to know…so i’ll show you how to do it.

also, another topic that’s been discussed recently over on the gw forum at least twice that i know of is making music sound good when using HLSS. since this is basically the same process as making audio sound it’s best when using the limited-bandwidth codecs designed solely for the human voice, i’ve decided to write one up on that as well, but i’m finding all kinds of funky effects of processing depending on the voice codec i’m using, so to save time, the tutorial is going to focus on the speex codec..and since i’ve never used that one before..guess what…i get to have all kinds of fun throwing various signals at it so i can make notes of it’s actual behavior and make a good tutorial…however the same process could be applied to other voice codecs…and will make some low-bitrate codecs designed for music sound “better” (basically dynamically compress the whole #!) (shebang for you non-unix people…if i had wanted to censor myself….well..i wouldn’t have to begin with)

so, that’s just to let you know what’s up.


False-Positive Virus reports in Goldwave’s uninstall program.

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It was reported the other day that AVG 8.0 reported that the unstall.exe program was infected with the trojan Downloader.Banload.WPR; and apparently Kaspersky was reporting Banload.OHF. These are false-positive reports.

Chris, the author of Goldwave, has verfied that the files from the website and download affilates are not infected with any kind of virus. Several other users have reported not having any detections.

It is 100% certin that these are false-positives..and so far have only appeared in AVG and Kaspersky, although it seems as Kaspersky has fixed thier definitions and it is no longer reported.


audio-news scrapped…tutorials in

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we’ve decided that maintaining a site about audio-news was probably wayyy too much work and not in my personal interests…plus the staff quit. so, musichack is now basically about digital-audio manipulation; mixing, mastering, editing and various stages of production.

our first published tutorial is “seamless loops and splicing audio“. demo files included so you can actually try the tutorial.


stay tuned for more.

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