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yeah, this page is here, i need help

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hey guys.

ok, so….my wordpress is up, running….has been for a while. i just CANNOT for the life of me get my template down.

so, basically, i need someone who either knows wordpress themes like the back of their hands or someone who can maybe create one that will work for this type of site and not a blog.

i can’t offer you any money…personal commitments prohibit that..I will however offer something almost just as valuable. VPS space. That’s right. I’ll give you a login on my VPS. You can have a chunk of space to host a website. You don’t just get a chunk of space. You’ll get MySQL access (with phpmyadmin for easy administration), SSH/SFTP, FTP…i’ll even give you access to the shoutcast daemon running on it. Your webspace can either be straight up web-space or can be powered by the wordpress-mu install as one of the installed sites. You’ll even get email hosting if you actually want to see how reliable it is (last I checked it was working just fine). Bring your own domain/hostname or you can have a sub-domain.

either way, you help me get looking and working like a real site….and if you’re some punk kid who’s been dying for webhosting (because I was at some point), it might be your lucky day.
your web-space can either be straight up space with do


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