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the impending move is ALMOST complete

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hey guys,

just wanted to give you a status update on our big move. i exported the blog content last night from here and successfully imported it in to my wordpress installation. the big deal in all of this was the fact that i expected that to be the real PITA since I’m running a multi-site plugin on my server. it actually wound up being entirely too painless. it was as easy as hitting import and done, i’m not even having any issues switching layouts.

for the most part….all the content is actually on musichack and the site is about 80% ready. everything PRIOR to this post has been exported over. right now i’m working on getting the screenshots out of my media library and over to the server. right now they show up on the new server because they’re pulling from wordpress (becuase the HTML was hardcoded).

anyway…the one thing I noticed was the sample file for the looping tutorial was missing…and I guess no one ever noticed it. needless to say, my backups are LOOOOONG gone and the original host I was using for that apparently went AWOL. if ANY of you have the file….drop me a line (dewdude(at)gmail) and let me know how I can get a copy back.

I’ll probably be 100% ready to move out of this place…well…tonight…but I haven’t yet gotten the new layout customized the way I want it…so I’m not going to call this place vacant just yet.



“Failure Establishing Database Connection”

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If you looked at the domain in the last few weeks and wondered what was up…not long after I wrote the post in the midst of setting WordPress up on my server, I attempted to upgrade. Since I host multiple domains off the thing, I have a MultiSite plugin installed and apparently, the database format with multisite isn’t exactly friendly to non-multisite installs. I wound up borking the entire thing and let it sit for a few weeks becuase I got busy.

It’s fixed..I’m working on moving the site over…maybe not tonight..maybe not tomorrow…but soon, it’s going to be self hosted. I’m working on new content (well, finding content I never published and publishing it)

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