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we’re back…just slightly less powerful

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I want to start off first by saying thank you to everyone who emailed with computer hardware offers. I was really looking for a laptop so I could work on these things when I’m out on the road. While I wasn’t able to get a laptop this way, some of you offered what you could and it meant a lot. It’s people like you that keep me doing what I do. Thank you.

We did however acquire some “new” hardware, new being a relative term.

I started off by converting my home-based FreeBSD file-server in to an actual working Ubuntu desktop. This was mostly done so I could at least have some form of internet and computing at home. This machine was supposed to get Windows XP at some point, things changed.

One of my family members gave me thier Compaq Preario V5305WM laptop after getting a new one. The unit shipped with a Sempron 3300+, 512MB of ram and an 80 gig HDD. My Acer was a Turion 64…so CPU wise the Compaq lacks 64-bit and probably some efficiency even though both had 2ghz clock speeds. The Acer supported up to 4 gigs of DDR2 while the Compaq only supports 2 gigs of DDR. It’s more of a hit than I’d like especially when trying to do mobile audio work, but I can live with it. I added 1 gig of DDR (at a whopping $65) and plan on adding another gig before the prices climb higher. The laptop is dual-boot between Ubuntu and Windows XP SP3. In addition, since I’ve returned to 32-bit computing (I was happily running Windows 7 Beta 64-bit on the Acer), I can actually use my M-Audio USB Transit audio device again, which is really good because onb0ard sound was becoming a pain.

While that solves some issues, it still doesn’t do much for the fact I’ve n ot really got any idea on tutorial to write. I will probably do a write-up on what Goldwave will do “out-of-box” on a fresh XP install since I’ve yet to install a single codec. It’ll be a good chance to look through the forums, see what formats people ask the most questions about and address them in one write up. Will probably be a lot of work but, then again, look at how much work I’ve put in to the site thus far.

Also, the word on Goldwave’s website is that as of 4-16-09, testing on the new version was about 25% complete, so hopefully, sometime this summer we’ll see a brand spankin new version. (Word on a release date has not been stated by Chris and this is my own guess).

Screenshot of new Windows install.

Screenshot of new Windows install.

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