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musichack likely moving – new Goldwave news.

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i’ve been debating for a while on if I should move the blog/site over to my new server or leave it here at wordpress..and I had thought I’d leave it here, since people know about it, however, I will likely wind up copying the current content to the new server and updaing things over there…probably without the help of a blog system…going back to the traditional ol’ HTML. Not sure what the new domain/address will be, however, I will keep you posted and the move won’t happen till I get a NEW tutorial written.

There’s also some updates on the Goldwave front. Goldwave was recently made a registered trademark of Goldwave, Inc and I’ve made the notes in the footer of the tutorials to indicate that. I still would like to thank the developer, Chris, for allowing me to use screenshots. He’s also brought news on his website of current status of GW development, among many improvements we can expect to see in 5.50, here is a small list:

  • complete Unicode support for for better international support
  • Integrated GWVoice Plug-In
  • Higher Resolution frequency visuals
  • High Quality polyphase resampling
  • Accelerated multiprocessor support

There is also a new “loop play” function which, rather than playing the ENTIRE section to see if it loops, will play just before the end of the slection and just after the beginning, so no more listening to the ENTIRE segment listening for the loop.

Licenses will cost $49 USD or $59 CAD. Purchase at the current price of $45 USD and recieve all the GWVoice Plugin effects with the next update; and as always, your license will work for future releases of Goldwave. That alone is worth the cost of registering!

If you’ve already got Goldwave installed (and if you are here, you probably do), then why not register your copy today? I not, grab it, play with it, see what everyone is talking about. Regardless of your needs or skill level, Goldwave is sure to fill the void in your audio toolbox, and help is always right around the corner.

Goldwave® is a registered trademark of Goldwave Inc.


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