musichack – hacking audio…one sample at a time


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Looking at the pages, I’ve only uploaded samples (thus far) for the seamless splicing tutorial, so I’ve moved the files from the previous free host over to my server. Not sure if I’ll move the blog, but be prepared for a new location and probably a new engine…possibly not even a blog at all.



Holy crap! We’ve got a new tutorial!

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Since I haven’t done one in a while, I thought I’d take a page from what someone needed done on the GW forum and write a new one. This one covers how you can edit your audio for video so you can drop it right in to your video file.

I also recently got a server, so you’d think I’d be moving the blog over to there, but I do kind of like the trackbacking wordpress does, so I’m considering keeping the blog over here but moving all the files over from hotlink files over to the new server.

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