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New tutorial up – stupid cell-phone tricks

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Ok, ok, I know it took me 10 days, but I got another tutorial up. This one covers the highly discussed topic of center channel extraction. I talk about the pros, cons, and even show you a couple of simple ways to do it. You can check it out here.

Ok, as I stated in the last update, the reason it was taking me a while was I’d been concentrating on playing with Speex and writing an HLSS tutorial. I’ve done about enough exparements with Speex and I’m in the process of writing the thing, but it’s starting to get VERY technical…it may or may not be the next published tutorial.

The other reason was this past weekend I picked up a Moto Razr V3m on a prepaid Verizon deal…and then proceeded to hack the shit out of it. In doing do I enabled USB transfers which allow me to do to several things…which a few of them were prevented by the network (I *ALMOST* had wireless internet anywhere), but I did enable the USB/Bluetooth transfers which allow me to not only pull the photos and “flix” off my phone without paying network fees, but I’m also able to upload mp3’s for use as ringtones…and I’ve spent the last few days making a bunch (then fixing Vista when the USB drivers killed other drivers)..and ok, ok…I did slack off and head to Kings Dominion with the family on the 16th…which is where I had gone not but 20 days prior…worked out, i rode some stuff i missed the first time around. I did ride thier new coaster…I wasn’t that impressed.

View of Dominator from Kings Dominion front gate.


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