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yeah, this page is here, i need help

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hey guys.

ok, so….my wordpress is up, running….has been for a while. i just CANNOT for the life of me get my template down.

so, basically, i need someone who either knows wordpress themes like the back of their hands or someone who can maybe create one that will work for this type of site and not a blog.

i can’t offer you any money…personal commitments prohibit that..I will however offer something almost just as valuable. VPS space. That’s right. I’ll give you a login on my VPS. You can have a chunk of space to host a website. You don’t just get a chunk of space. You’ll get MySQL access (with phpmyadmin for easy administration), SSH/SFTP, FTP…i’ll even give you access to the shoutcast daemon running on it. Your webspace can either be straight up web-space or can be powered by the wordpress-mu install as one of the installed sites. You’ll even get email hosting if you actually want to see how reliable it is (last I checked it was working just fine). Bring your own domain/hostname or you can have a sub-domain.

either way, you help me get looking and working like a real site….and if you’re some punk kid who’s been dying for webhosting (because I was at some point), it might be your lucky day.
your web-space can either be straight up space with do


the impending move is ALMOST complete

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hey guys,

just wanted to give you a status update on our big move. i exported the blog content last night from here and successfully imported it in to my wordpress installation. the big deal in all of this was the fact that i expected that to be the real PITA since I’m running a multi-site plugin on my server. it actually wound up being entirely too painless. it was as easy as hitting import and done, i’m not even having any issues switching layouts.

for the most part….all the content is actually on musichack and the site is about 80% ready. everything PRIOR to this post has been exported over. right now i’m working on getting the screenshots out of my media library and over to the server. right now they show up on the new server because they’re pulling from wordpress (becuase the HTML was hardcoded).

anyway…the one thing I noticed was the sample file for the looping tutorial was missing…and I guess no one ever noticed it. needless to say, my backups are LOOOOONG gone and the original host I was using for that apparently went AWOL. if ANY of you have the file….drop me a line (dewdude(at)gmail) and let me know how I can get a copy back.

I’ll probably be 100% ready to move out of this place…well…tonight…but I haven’t yet gotten the new layout customized the way I want it…so I’m not going to call this place vacant just yet.


“Failure Establishing Database Connection”

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If you looked at the domain in the last few weeks and wondered what was up…not long after I wrote the post in the midst of setting WordPress up on my server, I attempted to upgrade. Since I host multiple domains off the thing, I have a MultiSite plugin installed and apparently, the database format with multisite isn’t exactly friendly to non-multisite installs. I wound up borking the entire thing and let it sit for a few weeks becuase I got busy.

It’s fixed..I’m working on moving the site over…maybe not tonight..maybe not tomorrow…but soon, it’s going to be self hosted. I’m working on new content (well, finding content I never published and publishing it)


more updates on the big crap I promised

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I know what you’re thinking. How the hell can you trust someone who promises big things then disappears.

well, if you knew me, you’d know I didn’t disappear, i’ve just been busy with that thing called work…very busy..and i’m STILL busy…however, things are moving forward and here’s how….

musichack is moving….that’s right….we’re moving. where are we moving? we’re moving to our OWN server….and i’m not just talking the files and images and stuff…i mean..the entire shebang will now be running on my own privately hosted wordpress install.

we’re also getting a domain…well…I’ve got’s just pointed at my server. the site’s new address will be – that’s it…it’s not live yet, so don’t go there…you’ll find the same boring wordpress default theme with a note about not being ready. i *HOPE* to have everything sorted and transferred within the next couple of days.

if you happen to be a wp dev…or a wp guru and might be able to offer some advice/assistance in moving things over and it’s not as easy as hitting “export” (i know images/media won’t transfer, but that’s fine), then please contact me (dewdude(at)gmail(dot)com) and perhaps I can make it worth your time.



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rumor has it I’m making a comeback….I’m not redesigning or any of that sensationalist bullshit….but I’m going to write more random articles…shift the focus off of strictly Goldwave…move away from the step-by-step tutorials….perhaps find a contributor or two….

I have a source of income now….the server with the download packs will be returning and will still be unavailable till then (unless I update the posts)…

There’s a lot of stuff I’ve been working on, and quite a bit of stuff I have planned…get excited, I know I am.


So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Well, we almost went away in April due to the fact I was down to no “desktop” computers…but now I’m having to part ways for an entirely different reason.

Back in May I lost my job…and sadly I’ve been unable to find a replacement source of income. Even though there’s no financial requirement to maintain this site; WordPress provides all the hosting for images and I’ve still got a HotLinkFiles account for demos, I’ve got a lot going on.

For starters, being out of a job and out of money takes a great emotional toll on someone if you haven’t ever been in that situation. You’re so used to having money to not only pay required bills but..just have some lying back with more coming in every week…then all of a sudden…there’s no more money rolling in. So you go out and try to find another job…footing it around town, driving to interview to interview, making phone calls, emails, anything to find a job. Eventually, since you’ve been doing so much running around to find a job you can’t even afford to get to work in the first place. It’s a very pathetic feeling…and when you’re like me and you’d rather do without whatever you can’t pay for (including food which is a very basic necessity of life), the depression and feeling of useless ness pile up.

I attempted to start a tape-transfer business but all I ever got were huge projects from people who themselves didn’t have any money. The last time I earned any kind of money, it was $200 for over 100 hours invested in transfering and restoring 34 tapes…..I’m sorry, but $2/hour doesn’t pay the bills.

I had to give up my main server today…along with all the other luxuries I’d been trying to hold on to to maintain not only some sense of accomplishment but also my sanity…today however, I’ve had to give up my server and cancel a few other items like the cell-phone and satellite tv…if I didn’t have neighbors kind enough to let me use their WiFi, I wouldn’t even be here.

I honestly haven’t put as much in to this site as I feel I should. The tutorials were few and far between, although the general reaction was they were well written. I personally had problems finding topics to write about…and then when I would write, it’d be 5 pages long and I’d spend more time editing it than anything, plus there was the issue of taking what I had written, which wasn’t usually in a step-by-step process and converting it to a step-by-step process wasn’t really something I enjoyed doing all too much.

I think honestly, deciding to focus on tutorials for Goldwave only and excluding all the works I had been playing around with in Adobe Audition was probably a bad idea and I would of written more tutorials…tutorials was probably a bad idea, I should of stuck with mostly writing articles aimed at people who weren’t absolute beginners.

On a personal note, I’ve had a lot of personal stress. A family member was diagnosed with throat cancer and earlier in July, after a long battle of root canals, I had to have all my top teeth extracted. I did not go with the temporary plate due to cost issues. While the ordeal of having the extractions was traumatic (much more than having wisdom teeth pulled, which is generally the only teeth people have extracted), the recovery is a huge emotional stress and is physically demanding. The food I’m able to eat pretty much only provides the nourishment I need to keep me healthy, I have suffered a lot of energy loss. Emotional stress comes from seeing people sit and enjoy the food I love; steaks, burgers…tacos. While some of them I can eat, it’s not very comfortable. I should probably also mention I’m only 26, and looking forward to having to eventually explain the fact I’ve got false teeth to a potential girlfriend isn’t all that great of a feeling. These are the kinds of things that rush through your head when you’re blindly staring at daytime television wondering if you’re ever going to find a job.

I’m not taking the site down, not by any means…and I will still be active on the Goldwave forums. I’m mostly saying don’t really hold your breath for any major updates. I might be back sometime…I might come back tomorrow and start publishing some Audition tutorials or straight articles based on my own interpertation of audio, I really don’t know where things are going to go.

I mostly don’t have any drive to do anything but sit around and play MultiTheftAuto:SA (Multiplayer “hack/addon” for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

If you really feel compelled to want to help get this site rolling in any way, well, the one thing you could do is send me an email (dewdude@*nospam* – remove the *nospam*) and give me ideas on stuff to cover….although if you’re in a position to get me a job in the audio industry, that would work too. Mind you, my tutorials are aimed at beginners and with a little over 12 years of digital audio manipulation under my belt, is no where near what my actual current skill-set is. I can provide more through demos of restoration, mastering; even multi-track production upon request.



Are you getting the REAL GoldWave®?

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It has recently come to the attention of the staff that there is another program out there trying to bank on the good reputation GoldWave has made for itself.

Gold Wave Editor ( is not connected with GoldWave in any way, shape, or form.

If it’s not,, or, then it’s not the real thing. Don’t give them your money. Don’t even give them your traffic. Just….don’t.


Goldwave 5.5 released

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Well…turns out I was a bit off on my estimation of when the new version of Goldwave would be released…it got released yesterday….so run on over and download it.

I however am about a day or so behind becuase yesterday after I got off work, I discovered someone had broken in to my truck and stolen my iPod. I pretty much wasn’t in much condition to even touch a computer yesterday.

and no…I don’t work there anymore.


we’re back…just slightly less powerful

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I want to start off first by saying thank you to everyone who emailed with computer hardware offers. I was really looking for a laptop so I could work on these things when I’m out on the road. While I wasn’t able to get a laptop this way, some of you offered what you could and it meant a lot. It’s people like you that keep me doing what I do. Thank you.

We did however acquire some “new” hardware, new being a relative term.

I started off by converting my home-based FreeBSD file-server in to an actual working Ubuntu desktop. This was mostly done so I could at least have some form of internet and computing at home. This machine was supposed to get Windows XP at some point, things changed.

One of my family members gave me thier Compaq Preario V5305WM laptop after getting a new one. The unit shipped with a Sempron 3300+, 512MB of ram and an 80 gig HDD. My Acer was a Turion 64…so CPU wise the Compaq lacks 64-bit and probably some efficiency even though both had 2ghz clock speeds. The Acer supported up to 4 gigs of DDR2 while the Compaq only supports 2 gigs of DDR. It’s more of a hit than I’d like especially when trying to do mobile audio work, but I can live with it. I added 1 gig of DDR (at a whopping $65) and plan on adding another gig before the prices climb higher. The laptop is dual-boot between Ubuntu and Windows XP SP3. In addition, since I’ve returned to 32-bit computing (I was happily running Windows 7 Beta 64-bit on the Acer), I can actually use my M-Audio USB Transit audio device again, which is really good because onb0ard sound was becoming a pain.

While that solves some issues, it still doesn’t do much for the fact I’ve n ot really got any idea on tutorial to write. I will probably do a write-up on what Goldwave will do “out-of-box” on a fresh XP install since I’ve yet to install a single codec. It’ll be a good chance to look through the forums, see what formats people ask the most questions about and address them in one write up. Will probably be a lot of work but, then again, look at how much work I’ve put in to the site thus far.

Also, the word on Goldwave’s website is that as of 4-16-09, testing on the new version was about 25% complete, so hopefully, sometime this summer we’ll see a brand spankin new version. (Word on a release date has not been stated by Chris and this is my own guess).

Screenshot of new Windows install.

Screenshot of new Windows install.


musichack’s got problems, you have a solution.

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it appears as musichack has encountered some major issues.

no, it’s not an issue of funding. I personally have enough in my personal fundage to keep this running (we’re still on wordpress which is free, but we do own a server)

no, this problem is brought to us courtsey of Acer Computer Co, makers of unreliable pieces of crap you call computers.

this entire place, tutorials, site, everything, was done on my Acer Aspire 5100 laptop. it used to be a pretty reliable machine, then it started developing problems, when one has PCI device conflicts on a laptop, something is amiss. the problem started creeping up months ago but slowly got worse and worse.

attempts to contact acer about this problem ranged from blatent lack of responses, to canned responses, and ending with a “it’s not our problem, it’s abuse”.

turns out a LOT of people have had the EXACT same issue on the Aspire 5100s – naturally with no solution. I read some of the claimed fixes…which included flashing the bios to the 3.13 version from europe…to blaming the BIOS chip itself to claiming “you send it to me and I can fix it”. none of these solutions sounded feasible at all after doing my own research.

the large culprit I can gather from other peoples reports and my own expierence is that it’s a failing chipset combined with a faulty bga (ball grid array) attachment procedure, compounded with a very cheap minipci connector. It’s the main reason I say any any repair attempts are bunk.

Acer, if you’ve released a bunch of laptops with bad bga’s and/or defective chipset, shrugging it off because the failure will happen after warrenty ends IS NOT the way to handle things. think about your reputation, it’s tarnished in my book. you think I’M ever going to buy another one of your products? You think I’m ever going to stop saying how much you guys can’t make a decent computer? No, I won’t.

Here’s the inventory of remaining hardware:

Atheros minipci wlan card
2x2gb ddr2-667 ram
80gb sata hard drive
AMD Turion 64 2.0 ghz
Matushita DL DVD-Writer

Im looking for guts mostly, or what one might consider guts. Would like to reuse the ram, so no worries if it’s missing, same with HDD. The DVD writer im not sure if it’ll swap out…same with my 15.4″ LCD (which looks like a rainbow sneezed on it….yet another semi-defective acer part).

If you’ve got something you think might work for me and something you’d want to part with, I’m VERY anxious to talk to you about striking up a deal. and put in the subject “musichack”


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